Wind Consulting

Our comprehensive technical capabilities are there to support your business, whether you need targeted technical consulting or a complete solution.

Permanent Magnet Machines

We have developed multiple generations of successful and field proven Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PM/DD) turbines for a wide range of speed and torque applications. PM/DD technology means high efficiency, low weight, and low cost magnets for your application.

Power Electronics

Get advanced power conversion systems and technology for your business, with proven power converter solutions for applications up to 250kW for power generation, energy storage, and drive applications.

Grid Interface

Our core capabilities and intellectual property for grid interconnection of distributed generation, energy storage, and demand side assets.
Grid interface technology and full modeling capability enables compliance to the latest standards for ride through, frequency and voltage response, and grid support.


We can provide full real time control system and safety system design and testing for compliance to international certification standards.

Turbine Level Design

  • Systems Engineering
  • Certification
  • Design Reviews

Drivetrain Design

  • Generator
  • Power converter


  • Loads & Modeling System Controls 
  • Power Converter Controls 
  • Certification Consulting & Support 
  • Failure Analysis & Mitigation 
  • Test Program Design and Execution

Project Planning & Authorization

The Northern Power Service Team supports all stages of your project.
Our regional teams have experience with all aspects of planning, permitting and grid connection applications, and construction. We provide the following services in relation to developing your Northern Power wind turbine or energy storage project:
  • Pre-planning screening applications   
  • Grid Connection applications
  • Complete Planning applications
  • Ecology surveys
  • Noise surveys
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)
  • Heritage assessments


Our team’s experience goes beyond our own Northern Power solutions, and we can install a range of wind, solar, and energy storage systems. We provide services from site preparation to construction, but also third parties due diligence and control.
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