Planning & Authorization

The Northern Power Service Team supports all stages of your project.Our regional teams have experience with all aspects of planning, permitting and grid connection applications, and construction. We provide the following services in relation to developing your Northern Power wind turbine or energy storage project:

  • Pre-planning screening applications   
  • Grid Connection applications
  • Complete Planning applications
  • Ecology surveys
  • Noise surveys
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)
  • Heritage assessments


Our team’s experience goes beyond our own Northern Power solutions, and we can install a range of wind, solar, and energy storage systems. We provide services from site preparation to construction, but also third parties due diligence and control.

Drone inspection

We offer advanced services related to aerial data acquisition, image processing, image analysis and data presentation in a high resolution, actionable web-based platform.
Using both thermal and visual high-definition imagery, Our management reduces operating costs and increases the energy production as well as monitoring every solar plant construction project.

Benefits of Aerial Surveys on PV sites compared to on-the-ground inspections

  • Cost efficient way to survey entire site thermography
  • Superior data collection, enhanced visibility into plant performance issues
  • Utility scale surveys can be completed within hours – therefore minimizing and/or eliminating the need for ground inspections with handheld I-V curve tracers, improved on-site safety.

During operation, it detects string/module failures down to cell level like hot spots, open circuit panels, heated junction boxes, diode bypasses and PID as well as giving insights in soiling/vegetation growth to optimize cleaning/grass cutting schedules.