Monitoring 24/7 and Reporting

The NPS’ SCADA system has been designed to monitor the performance of NPS Wind Turbines, and can be easily configured for monitoring any renewable energy plant, after installing a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The installation of the terminal is by Northern Power Systems Srl which, in addition to the installation, offers dedicated maintenance programs. The system collects data from the control unit every second, returning important information on: short-term trends, long-term trends (average over 10 minutes of operation), system failures, alarms and warnings.
Remote diagnostics allows you to quickly identify problems by reducing both the number and the cost of on-site interventions, limiting the overall costs of managing the plant and maximizing the benefits of the investment.
The system returns the main parameters of the system, using an effective and intuitive graphic interface, on which the data is updated in real time. The basic configuration can be extended with customizable modules that allow data aggregation according to reporting needs. The use of cutting-edge technologies makes this service able to offer you the best possible management for the data and the operation of your plant.

Remote support

If you have specialized personnel or are certified partners, Northern Power Systems Srl puts at your disposal the skills of its technicians through remote telephone support. Our engineers will guide you in solving your system’s faults simply, quickly and effectively.