Introducing the NPS 60C

A 60 kilowatts rated power PMDD wind turbine specifically designed for Italian and UK markets. It provides long-term benefits with lower ownership costs over the lifetime of the turbine. NPS 60C - Northern Power SystemsThe “C-Platform” is a complete redesign of NPS’ distributed wind platform that has been deployed around the world since 2008. The nacelle is now 30% smaller with a completely new tower configuration. This results in lower weight and load characteristics reducing foundation and installation costs.
The NPS 60C uses gearless direct drive and a Permanent Magnet Generator to achieve best-in-class reliability. Optimized to generate high output with a lower noise signature, our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second and provide the highest power at 9-15 mps, providing clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes.
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Simple and low cost of ownership:

Our PMDD technology maximizes energy capture, outperforms conventional gearbox designs, and reduces maintenance costs.

Plug and Play: 

Our state-of-the-art full power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, simplifying grid interconnect and supporting grid stability, making the NPS 60-24 the best choice for a variety of applications.


Our gearless design, advanced blades, and lower rpm and tip speed, all contribute to lower noise levels and allow for a longer set back distance.

Easier permitting with low height profile, tower options:

The elegantly designed NPS 60-24 comes with a variety of optional tubular steel tower heights that helps you balance annual energy production (AEP) and planning requirements.


Reinforced blades, gearless design and a track record of zero incidents across its entire fleet.
The NPS 60C is being installed globally at FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) locations as well as on-site generation at farms, businesses, schools, hospitals and remote locations. Our turbines produce green energy at the point of consumption, providing a positive environmental impact on the community and pleasing aesthetics.

Brochure and Specifications

NPS 60C Turbines are available with 24m and 27m rotor: 
NPS 60C-24 Brochure – English
NPS 60C-27 Brochure English