Introducing the NP – HE108N:

The new initiative of Northern Power Systems in photovoltaic systems has produced a range of
technologically advanced photovoltaic modules, which exploit TOPCon technology and bifacial modules
in order to to achieve better performances. We present the first original Northern Power Systems
product for the world of solar energy: the photovoltaic module NP-HE108N, with power range 415-435
Its advanced technology ensures maximum efficiency and ease of installation, with a low maintenance
Main features:
  • Greater efficiency
  • Long-lasting durability of the product
  • Product adaptable to the needs of all
  • Less material therefore less environmental impact
NPS modules are equipped with advanced power electronics, which allows better network connection,
higher energy yields and faster installation times, offering more efficient and cost-effective energy
In addition, the modules can be integrated with energy storage technologies for a constant energy

Brochure and Specifications

NP – HE108N Brochure – English